|blankets for the homeless|

As I walk from my car to the front door of Jungle Atlanta for Week 1 of Sing for Your Life Season 3, I have one thought in my head: I am very cold and I have to get inside right now.  Minutes go by after walking inside, and I forget about the temperature beyond the walls.  I am even warm enough to take my jacket off as I enjoy the performances offered by this season’s talented contestants.  The show ends and I put on my furry leopard print jacket.  I brace myself for the cold and walk outside and think: I cannot wait to get home and immediately get under my blankets.  

I slept well on Thursday night.

As I sit here writing this post, I am overwhelmed by the luxury of choice.  To turn the heater on.  To make coffee.  To put my sweater on.  To take my scarf off.  To write these sentences.  To sit here.  To wait for someone else to do something about the so many somethings in the world.

I have so many choices.  And they often stress me out.  The very thing that stirs my anxiety is something I should actually view as beautiful.  

I have the power of choice in my hands.

Let me extend this realization to you and encourage you to take action.  Would you choose to provide warmth for those who have no such choice of comfort?  If the answer is yes, I ask you to please bring gently-used or new blankets to Sing for Your Life this Thursday night, January 15th.  I will personally see to it that your blanket is given to someone in great need.  

Please stand with me and resolve to turn yesterday’s annoyances into today’s opportunities.  Anxieties into growing experiences.  Worries into small assurances.  Choices into power.