Amanda Hale is a singer/songwriter and performer based out of Atlanta, GA.  She has been known for her upbeat pop/rock material, and the past few years have stretched the musical and lyrical conceptuality of her artistry.  Amanda was the music director of a church in Midtown Atlanta from 2013 to 2015, during which she was able to explore the contemporary Christian and worship scene, cultivating her skills as a band leader and songwriter.

Amanda released her first self-titled EP in 2010, followed by her single "Phantasmagoria" in October 2013.  In 2014, Amanda made it to the Top 10 of Atlanta-based singing competition, Sing For Your Life. Later that year, she released and performed her single "Sweet Boy" (feat. Erick Nathan) in front of a live audience in Los Angeles opening for Aaron Carter and again in Atlanta in November 2014 as a part of Aaron Carter's Wonderful World Tour.  

Amanda is now focusing time on writing and training in support of upcoming projects which started with an original arrangement feat. Lee Martin for "Doxology," which is now available on iTunes.

Doxology | Hewlett Studios + Tara Simon Studios

Live at The Loft 11.14 | Aaron Carter

Photos by LRM Lens.

Live at The Jungle 11.6.14 | Sing For Your Life Reunion Show

Live in The Music Room at Smith's Olde Bar 10.2.14

Live in the Atlanta Room at Smith's Olde Bar 9.3.14 | feat. Erick Nathan with Kyle Kirkland & Dominic Greco

Live at Kat's Cafe 7.23.14 | Kyle Kirkland's Duets

Live at The Canyon in Agoura Hills 7.19.14 | Opening for Aaron Carter


Photos by Dylan York for Phantasmagoria.